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SUBJECT/S: Marriage equality; refugee deal

BILL SHORTEN, LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: I promised at the National Press Club this week that I'd be out listening to the voices of ordinary Australians. I did that in Perth in Belmont on Thursday. Now here I am in Berwick in the seat of La Trobe, listening to hundreds of people talk about their issues and priorities.

Today with me listening was Labor's candidate at the last Federal election, Simon Curtis. Labor intends to be a party for the regions and the outer-suburbs in the capital cities of this country. And Australians are telling me loud and clear, Bill, we just want the politicians to stop squabbling and get on with the issues.

To that end, I reiterate my invitation to Malcolm Turnbull, let's have a free vote on marriage equality. Plenty of people in the Liberal Party want it, plenty of people in Labor want it and plenty of Australians just want to get on and be on and be done with it. 

I say to Malcolm Turnbull, let's just get on with marriage equality - there is no reason for delay. The Australian people are saying, let's have a free vote on marriage equality. Let's be done with it so we can focus on all the other issues.

Happy to take a couple of quick questions.

JOURNALIST: What do you make of continuing uncertainty over the refugee deal in the US?

SHORTEN: I am completely supportive of the Government's efforts to see the refugee deal honoured with the United States. I take what the Prime Minister has said, that the deal is going to be honoured. Labor supports this, full stop, a hundred per cent.


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