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SUBJECT: Energy price crisis under the Liberals, Turnbull Government division, Peter Dutton’s constitutional eligibility

BILL SHORTEN, LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: Hi everyone, I'm happy to take a couple of questions, and then I've got to go to another commitment. 

JOURNALIST: We're hearing that maybe Julie Bishop might be throwing her hat into the Liberal leadership ring, thoughts?

SHORTEN: The Liberal Party is obsessed about who has the job of Prime Minister, what they should be obsessed about is getting energy prices down in Australia. There is no doubt that the Government is descending into division and chaos because Malcolm Turnbull is hostage to Tony Abbott, he's hostage to the backbench, and as a result the people of Australia are hostage to Malcolm Turnbull's weakness and we've got an energy price crisis in Australia, and this Government today in Parliament basically told Australians "we can't do anything about it."

JOURNALIST: Does Peter Dutton have questions to answer over whether he would have a conflict of interest regarding his wife's child care centres?

SHORTEN: I've seen the media reports tonight that Peter Dutton may have an eligibility cloud under the Australian Constitution to sit in Parliament. I don't know any more than what you've seen.

I think it would be helpful if the Prime Minister clarified the status of Mr Dutton. But I want to go back to what I think the most important issue is at the moment. Energy prices are out of control. We are in the deepest energy crisis that we've seen for many years in Australian life. And we have a government and a Prime Minister too weak to be Prime Minister, too weak to take on his backbench, too weak to be Prime Minister at all.

JOURNALIST: On the emissions target.

SHORTEN: I did say two questions. Thanks everybody. 

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