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Commission of Audit


Today’s release of the Commission of Audit report confirms what everyone expected.


This report is the blueprint for Tony Abbott’s broken promises.


This is Tony Abbott’s plan to put up taxes.


It’s Tony Abbott’s plan for cuts, instead of growth.


It’s Tony Abbott’s plan to increase the cost of living, and cut the services that families rely on.


It’s his plan to make sure hard-working families gets less, while millionaires get more.


Tony Abbott will turn the most basic things in life – education, health care, support for older Australians – into a massive everyday struggle for families.


Tony Abbott confirmed the end of universal healthcare – a new GP Tax, a Hospital Tax and more expensive medicines.


He is flagging a brutal assault on the minimum wage – meaning our lowest income earners get even less.


He wants to demolish the Gonski reforms – which means less support for our kids and teachers.


With his attack on higher education and TAFE, he wants to make it harder for our kids to get a good education and a good job.


He will cut the pension, and put a handbrake on the NDIS.


He will sell off assets and sell off jobs.


And Tony Abbott will do nothing to invest in new jobs for the future.


This is a report written exclusively by powerful special interests – and it shows.


It shows how out of touch this Prime Minister is, and how twisted his priorities are.


Labor understands that Budgets mean tough choices. But Tony Abbott is making the wrong choices for our future.


Today, hard-working families finally know the truth: Tony Abbott’s Budget will cost them more.