Bill's Media Releases


Labor believes a strong renewable energy sector will keep downward pressure on power prices, support new clean energy jobs through continued investment and contribute to reducing Australia’s carbon emissions.


The Abbott Government destroyed bipartisan support for the Renewable Energy Target in Australia by breaking its election commitment and trying to reduce Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.


Before the election Tony Abbott promised –

          “We have no plans to change the renewable energy target.”  TONY ABBOTT – 27 SEPTEMBER 2011


Labor has again written to the Minister for Industry to reiterate our willingness to explore every opportunity to re-establish bipartisan support for the Renewable Energy Target.


However, Labor will not stand by and watch billions of dollars in investment in the Australian renewable energy sector, along with thousands of jobs, go overseas because of cuts to the target.


Tony Abbott has no vision for Australia’s future and his Government fails to understand the economic and environmental benefits of a strong renewable energy industry in Australia.


“I drive to Canberra to go to Parliament…and I must say, I find those wind turbines around Lake George to be utterly offensive and I think they are just a blight on the landscape.”  JOE HOCKEY – 2 MAY 2014


The Abbott Government’s starting position of a 40 per cent cut to the Renewable Energy Target puts a secure economic future for Australia at risk.


Investor confidence in the Renewable Energy Target has been smashed by Tony Abbott’s decision to walk away from his previous support for the policy – new investment in renewables is down 70 per cent since he became Prime Minister.


Labor has set out clearly defined negotiating parameters within which we are willing to work with the Government.


We believe there is a case for emissions intensive trade exposed sectors, like the aluminium sector, to be exempt from the RET to protect Australian jobs.


Labor commenced negotiations with the Government in good faith because we know that industry needs a bipartisan solution.


While Labor remains committed to seeking a bipartisan outcome, we will not be party to a plan that kills jobs and investment, increases pollution and forces power prices to rise.


Labor remains committed to a strong and sustainable renewable energy sector and remains open to further discussions with the Government.