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All Australians stand with the people of Melbourne in this horrific moment.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of the lost. 

We pray for the injured and the frightened, in particular the very young children.  

We pay tribute to the first responders. We give thanks for the bravery of the police, the speed of the paramedics and the skill of those who’ve worked to save the lives of the injured. 

We salute those passers-by who rushed to the aid of their neighbours. 

But we also know that on dark days like this, words are so inadequate. 

Words can’t capture the horror we feel. Words can’t comfort those who’ve lost someone they love. Words won’t heal people who’ve been hurt or banish the fear. Words can’t put back the lives stolen in a few minutes of madness. 

It’s difficult for all of us to comprehend how, why and what has happened. Harder still to understand that it happened here, in a country and a city that prides itself on being such a welcoming, safe and peaceful place. 

Victoria Police have made it clear this was not an act of terror, it was an act of murder. A cowardly, senseless, destructive crime that has claimed the lives of innocent people. 

We wait for answers, we wait for justice and tonight we hold all those in sadness and pain, close to our hearts. 

People who are concerned about loved ones can call the helpline on 1800 727 077. 


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