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The future education needs of Australian children demands 100 per cent commitment to the Better Schools Plan.

It demands 100 per cent commitment to reform and it demands 100 per cent commitment to the careful, considered funding of that reform.

Mr Abbott’s announcement today delivers neither.


The truth is, Better Schools and $10 billion extra funding for schools is at risk under Tony Abbott.
Mr Abbott is shamefully misleading the Australian public on school funding.

Mr Abbott is prioritising politics over a meaningful plan to improve educational outcomes for our kids.

Mr Abbott has created greater uncertainty for schools with his political quick fix.

Mr Abbott has trashed the Better Schools Plan every step of the way.

How can they be trusted to deliver on Better Schools when they don’t believe in it?

Only last week in a letter to school principals, Mr Abbott said:


“…the Coalition has deep reservations about the Government’s new funding model.”



Only yesterday Mr Pyne called the Better Schools Plan “a great con” and said:

“There isn’t new money in the next few years. There’s a cut.”

            PYNE ABC24 1 AUGUST 2013


Whatever they say, Mr Abbott and Mr Pyne simply cannot be believed and cannot be trusted on education.

They say they will match the Commonwealth funding for schools committed by Labor. But they only commit to four years of funding.

To provide schools with certainty, Mr Abbott must commit to the $10 billion extra over the next six years – nothing less.

The absolute truth is that Australian schools will be worse off under a Federal Liberal government.

Mr Abbott clearly has no positive policy agenda for education which shows he is not fit for office.

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