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ANZAC DAY 2015  


A hundred years after the first Anzacs landed at Gallipoli, Australia’s eyes again turn to that narrow stretch of rugged coast on the other side of the world.


As a nation, we will pause to remember and honour the bravery, courage and sacrifice of all who served in the First World War.


60,000 citizen-soldiers, young men who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of a nation even younger than they were.


We remember their families too - parents, wives and children who lost someone they love.


We also pause to remember the ones who returned wounded or carrying the hidden scars of the trauma of war: husbands and fathers who could not find the words to tell the people they loved why things could never be the same again.


Their story, their Anzac story, will always be our story, a part of who we are.


On this centenary, we honour the memory of all those who have served this country we love.


From the first Anzacs and every generation of men and women in uniform who have lived up to their legend.


From the mud of Europe and the sands of Africa, on the jungle trails of Papua New Guinea through to Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, and more recently, Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan.


On the oceans and beneath them, and in the skies above, Australians have fought and fallen – defending nations and keeping us at peace.


We salute their service. We honour their memory.


And, at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we repeat Australia’s solemn promise: we shall remember them.


Lest we forget.




You can watch the Opposition Leader’s message here or download the message here