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Tony Abbott needs to explain exactly how he can guarantee Australian students won’t be worse off under a Coalition government.

 In NSW today, Tony Abbott failed to explain how schools would be better off under the Coalition compared to Labor’s Better Schools Plan.

“I can promise that no school would be worse off under the Coalition, because we will continue the existing system for one or two years”


 By stark contrast, Labor’s Better Schools Plan will see an additional $15 billion flow into Australian schools.

 This means, on average, around $1.5 million extra over the next six years for every school.

 Our Plan will give every student in every Australian school the opportunity to reach their full potential and compete with the rest of the world.

 Under Tony Abbott, every school in every state and every sector stand to lose millions as he won’t commit to fixing a broken system.

 Labor’s Better Schools Plan will mean more individual attention for students who need it most and for those kids doing well, it will provide more opportunities to excel.

It means more support for kids with disability through classroom modification and assistive technology.

 It will empower local principals to make more decisions about their own schools.

While Tony Abbott continues his same old negativity, the Rudd Labor Government is committed to working constructively with all jurisdictions to help ensure no Australian students are left behind.