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Tony Abbott is threatening the rollout of the NDIS on time and in full as promised, by pressing ahead with his plans to replace the National Disability Insurance Scheme Board, advertising for new members in this morning’s papers.


Today’s move further erodes the confidence of people with disability and their carers in this government’s capacity and will to deliver the NDIS on time and in full.


Currently, the Board of the NDIS, including the Chair, is made up nominees from each of the states, and is representative of people with disability.


To maintain the NDIS as a truly national scheme, the NDIS board must be reflective of the jurisdictions that are involved.


Above all, the NDIS Board must continue to include people with disability, the architects and beneficiaries of the NDIS.


Today’s effort from Tony Abbott is just the latest attempt to erode the voice, advocacy and support for people with disability.


Instead of getting on with the rollout of this transformative scheme, Tony Abbott is focussed on getting jobs for his mates in big business.


Tony Abbott’s focus should be solely on getting the NDIS rolled out as soon as possible.


Tony Abbott has already missed the deadline for the signing of bilateral agreements with the states.  People with disability are waiting to know when they will get access to the NDIS.


But in a clear demonstration of where his priorities lie, Tony Abbott wants to sideline the states and territories, people with disability and their life time advocates in favour of his friends in big business.


Tony Abbott cut funding to peak disability support organisations – funding from organisations like Brain Injury Australia, Blind Citizens Australia, and Deaf Australia which support the rights and needs of Australians with disability.


He cut funding for a Disability Discrimination Commissioner, leaving hundreds of thousands of people with disability, their families and carers without one of their strongest advocates.


He cut vital community services that support our most vulnerable families and children, including people with disability.


He tried to cut indexation of the pension that would have seen thousands of people with disability and their carers lose up to $80 a week over 10 years from their support pensions.


Since coming to Government, Tony Abbott has done all he can to undermine the NDIS.


Before the last election Tony Abbott promised the NDIS would be delivered on time and in full.


But every day that passes without the bilateral agreements being signed, the full roll out of the NDIS is at risk.


It is clear that Tony Abbott cannot be trusted to deliver this transformative national reform.


Only Labor can be trusted to deliver the NDIS on time and on budget and to help Australians with disability, their carers and families get the care and support they deserve.





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