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In a desperate political move, Tony Abbott has written to school principals across Australia to tell them that he doesn’t have a Better Schools alternative.

Tony Abbott and the Federal Liberal Party are opposed to the Better Schools Plan and will not deliver the additional $15.4 billion in schools that the Labor Government’s Better Schools Plan would.

Mr Abbott and Mr Pyne have been attacking Labor’s Better Schools Plan for months and indeed years, promising to scrap it completely.

However, the two have written to school principals suggesting that the extra funding their school is to receive under Better Schools is assured under an Abbott Liberal Government.

Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne cannot have it both ways.

This is clearly nothing more than a pre-election ploy and school principals won't be fooled.

Either Mr Abbott accept that Labor’s Better Schools Plan is the best way forward for our schools, our students and the nation.

Or he should be honest with Australian principals that he will rip away Better Schools funds and has no positive alternative proposal
In addition, the Budget comparisons provided in the letter to principals by the Leader of the Opposition are inaccurate and misleading.

It is simply untrue to suggest that funding for schools under the Better Schools Plan will be lower.

The Plan delivers 4.7 per cent indexation from the Commonwealth and asks the states to agree to a 3 per cent indexation to ensure every extra dollar delivers real improvements in learning outcomes.

This means, if all states and territories signed up to the new funding arrangements, the Australian Government would inject an additional $28 billion over and above 2013 funding levels into Australian schools over the next six years.

Only Labor can be trusted to deliver the education reforms Australia needs for the future; we have a proven track record on education reform and on negotiations.

Tony Abbott and the Federal Liberal Party clearly cannot be believed when it comes to education; even when it is in writing.

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