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Labor and the renewable energy industry have called on the Turnbull Government to end its attack on renewables and develop policies that support jobs and new investment. 

Today the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten and the Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Mark Butler, met with representatives of the renewable energy industry to discuss the industry’s future and the importance of renewable energy to Australia’s modern economy and future energy security. 

Representatives from some of the world’s most innovative energy and technology companies attended the talks, including Tesla Energy, Siemens, AGL, Acciona, and GE. 

Discussion included the job and investment-destroying policy uncertainty created by the Abbott-Turnbull Government and the need for national leadership to secure the immense economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy. 

Labor will not stop fighting for a clean, secure and affordable energy system in Australia; one that is increasingly powered by renewable energy. 

That is why Labor proposed the goal of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030 at the election; a goal that has been estimated to create 28,000 new jobs. 

In contrast, since the Liberals came to power we have seen a sustained attack on renewable energy investment, leading to almost 3,000 jobs being lost in the sector while almost 3 million jobs have been created in the sector worldwide. 

Only yesterday the International Energy Agency clearly stated the global march toward renewable energy is picking up steam – with 15 percent growth last year alone. 

Other countries realise the economic, security and environmental benefits of renewable energy while Australia id going backwards even though we have the best solar, wind and wave resources in the world - and have developed world-leading renewable energy technologies. 

Industry representatives confirmed that investment in renewable energy drives job creation across a range of fields, rapid technological innovation has resulted in a significant reduction in the cost of renewable energy generation and the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy will increase over time with further technological advances in battery storage and improved efficiency of generation. 

Australia’s future energy security depends on greater investment in renewable energy. While coal will continue to play a role in our economy, the status quo of an electricity system that is heavily reliant on coal-fired power stations is not sustainable due to the aging of existing coal generators and the imperative to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. 

What we lack is national leadership, with the Government refusing to commit to any policy to support new renewable investment beyond 2020. 

Australia deserves an ambitious renewable energy target and a national government that will do its job and lead; not one that creates a policy vacuum and then chastises states for filling the vacuum it created. 

The world is racing towards a prosperous and clean renewable energy future and because of the Turnbull Government’s lack of action, Australia is going backwards with its head in the sand. 

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