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Today there is yet more evidence of the overwhelming damage of Mr Turnbull’s Medicare cuts, with the Victorian Government issuing a dire warning that Mr Turnbull’s Medicare rebate freeze will rip $230 million out of the pockets of Victorians and see more people presenting to Emergency Departments.

This is more proof that Mr Turnbull’s harmful Medicare policies will drive up the costs of seeing a doctor for millions of Australians.

One in 20 Australians already say they delay visiting their GP, or do not visit at all, because of cost.

Australia cannot afford to create barriers for anyone who needs to see their GP – delaying primary care will cause people to get sicker at a greater cost to the health care system.

The Australian Medical Association has estimated that many practices will need to charge patients $25 more because of Mr Turnbull’s Medicare policies.

Malcolm Turnbull’s health cuts will cost Australians every time they visit the doctor. But they will cost our nation much more – our universal health system.

According to the Royal Australian College of GPs, 14.5 million Australians will have to pay more to see the doctor.

This is Medicare under attack and privatisation by stealth.

It is clear Mr Turnbull wants to head down the same path as America when it comes to our health system.

Australians have two days left to vote to save Medicare.

Only Labor will save Medicare.


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