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New analysis reveals the Abbott Government’s $30 billion cut to schools will leave local Maribyrnong schools about $250 million worse off over the next decade.


The Government’s $30 billion cut to education will cost the average school $3.2 million, with every student receiving $1,000 less support per year. It is a cut equivalent to sacking one in seven teachers.


In a community like our own with a large number of young families, it is a cut that will hit hard. For many local students this will mean missing out on the individual support they need, including literacy and numeracy programs, music, sport and extra teachers.


In response, our state’s Napthine Liberal Government has gone silent. Denis Napthine is content to sit on the sidelines while our students suffer.


The cuts announced in the Budget mean there is no funding for the vital fifth and sixth years of the Gonski reforms and restrict indexation to CPI from 2018. With the ABS Education Price Index currently at 5.1 per cent, that will mean a significant and compounding cut in real terms.


NOTE – Calculation based on 2012 enrolment figures provided by the Department of Education and published by the Parliamentary Library.