Bill's Transcripts


MONDAY, 27 JUNE 2016

SUBJECTS: Medicare; Hospitals funding; Costings; Customs scandal; Superannuation.

BILL SHORTEN: Six days to go in the election and Labor is most committed to defending Medicare. We've just been visiting hospitals talking to patients, talking to their parents, talking to the kids, talking to the hard working staff here at this very, very good facility. There is no doubt in my mind that defending Medicare against the ruthless cuts of the Liberal Government is a first order issue for Australians. Mr Turnbull has made choices in this election, so have I. Mr Turnbull's chosen to give a $50 billion tax cut to large corporations. We've chosen to properly fund our hospitals. Mr Turnbull has chosen to defend banks, we've chosen to defend Medicare. Mr Turnbull has chosen to keep going ahead with his six year freeze on GP rebates, we've chosen to unfreeze the rebates. Mr Turnbull has chosen that from Friday, the bulk-billing incentives which are available for blood tests, which are available for X-rays, for those bulk-billing incentives, will be cut. We've chosen not to cut them, and in doing this, we do so because we fundamentally believe that the health care of all Australians and any Australians is a matter for all of us. You cannot be Prime Minister of this great country if you're not prepared to prioritise the health care of Australians. We believe that an economic plan requires a healthy Australia. We believe that a prosperous Australia requires an Australia where it is your Medicare card, not your credit card, which determines the level of health care. 

This election on July 2 will be a referendum on the future of Medicare, we remain absolutely committed to put forward our positive plan for health care in this country. Our positive plans to help save Medicare from the dismantling by Mr Turnbull piece by piece, brick by brick of our Medicare system. And we are confident that the Australian people, on July 2, will choose to prioritise and defend Medicare, not large $50 billion tax cuts for large corporations.

Before I go to questions though, about defending Medicare and other matters, I feel it is important to talk about the major, massive corruption scandal