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Doorstop: Sydney- Labor’s plan to create the jobs of the future: Investing in STEM





SUBJECT/S: Labor’s plan to create the jobs of the future: Investing in STEM; Labor’s plan for coding in schools; Budget 2015; Multinational Tax; Climate Change; Tony Abbott’s plan to increase the price of prescription drugs


BILL SHORTEN, LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: Good morning, everyone. It's fantastic just to have visited Google to look at the jobs of the future, to see some of Australia's smartest young minds competing with the world and bringing great opportunity to Australia's shores through working here and their inventiveness. I am here today with my shadow spokespeople on these matters including Jason Clare and Ed Husic.


Last Thursday, I declared that Labor believes that the next election should be fought about jobs; in particular policies which will see jobs in the future come to Australia - high-skilled job, smart jobs. That is why last Thursday night, I said and Labor believes that we should be teaching our children in schools how to code, computational thinking, the ability to use computers to understand and have the skills which will make them employable across the world in this country. I also proposed that we should be doing something about the shortage in science and engineering and computer graduates in this country. Currently, Australia is only educating 4,000 computer students at university level and undergraduate, each year Australian kids. That is simply not going to be enough for the future jobs which Australians want their children to have. We also want to have scholarships to help our teachers retrain and we want more support to make sure that our best and brightest scientific minds actually go back into teaching.


Labor proposed last Thursday night greater support for start-up an innovation and greater support for small business. Labor fundamentally believes that we need to be having a discussion in our Budget and nationally about the next 15 years not the next opinion poll. People want to know where the jobs of the future are coming from and only Labor has a plan for our young people to