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Ask and you shall receive: Abbott

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott has today revealed that he would consider making changes to unfair dismissal laws, if business asked him to.

In a media report, Mr Abbott has failed to rule out future changes to unfair dismissal laws and will, instead, keep it under review.

“If businesses aren’t coming to us in large numbers saying unfair dismissal is a significant problem, we are probably able to say we will keep the situation under review rather than make any significant changes.”

According to media reports, Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party have been working on the details of their workplace relations policy with employer groups.

“Today Mr Abbott has revealed that whatever business asks for, they shall receive under a Liberal Government.”

While the Liberal Party’s detailed workplace relations policy remains in witness protection, Mr Abbott has confirmed his plans to:

- Undermine entitlements like penalty rates;
- Allow employers to unilaterally make workplace agreements; and
- Attack employees’ right to be represented by a union.
“There is no doubt now that Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party want to take Australia back to the days of Work Choices.”

“Mr Abbott is determined to cut protections for working Australians, including unfair dismissal protections.”

“He is determined to cut pay and conditions of working Australians, including penalty rates.”

In complete contrast, the Gillard Government has worked constructively with employer and employee representative groups to get the balance right.

“Australian business and employees know where Labor stands on workplace relations; for a fair and balanced system,” Minister Shorten said.

“The fact is, there has been higher productivity, lower industrial disputation and wages restraint under Labor's Fair Work system.”

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